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Rent our facility to get away from the business of life. regardless of what you are looking for we are eager to work with you and help you achieve your goals


Specialty/Family events

All through out the year there are retreats/special events for people of all ages

Youth Camps

Now, more than ever, there’s a need for young people to get away, try new things, develop new friendships and strengthen their faith. Through our year round youth camps we provide opportunity for youth to explore nature, draw closer to God, and learn life skills.

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Oct 19-22

Great Gal's Getaway

Oct 26-29

New Years Bash

Dec 31-Jan 1

Men's Advance

Jan 26-28


“My name is Rachel Cote and I was saved at your camp in the summer of 2010. I want to thank your camp for being my first step in my walk with Christ. I don’t know where I’d be today if I hadn’t experienced God that night at the camp fire. After that summer, my life completely changed. My family moved to Michigan for my middle school years and I fell into a state of depression for various reasons. One of the main reasons, however, was because I was being severely bullied at a Christian school. It’s because of your camp that I not only became a Christian, but that I never lost hope. As harsh as those “Christians” were, I knew that there were real disciples of Christ in the world thanks to you guys. I’m more than pleased to report that God pulled me out of Michigan and out of depression and restored me into the happy and passionate person I am today. I wanted to let you guys know that what you do makes an incredible and life-changing difference. Keep it up!”

Rachel Cote