Lakeside Cabin

Heated cabin with 9 bedrooms each bedroom has a double bed and a desk the nearest bathroom/shower is located in the lower KDA

KDA (Kitchen/Dining Area)

A two level building the upper level has a kitchen, two single toilet bathrooms (men's and women's), dining area that includes a drink station and a salad bar and the lower level has a men's and women's bathroom that each have two sinks, two showers, and toilets (three in women's and two in men's with two urinals) games (Foosball, carpetball, pingpong, and other misc board/card games), a fireplace, and our camp store (merchandise and snacks sold here) 


A heated two bedroom cabin with a small sitting area and a bathroom. Each bedroom has two bunk beds and a double bed


A heated three bedroom cabin with a bathroom. The first bedroom has a double bed, the second has two twin beds, and the third has a bunk with a double bed on the bottom and the top bed is a twin. The bathroom has two sinks, two showers, and two toilets. 

Cabins 1-10

Each cabin is heated and has two cots and seven bunk beds. Cabins 1-5 are considered boy's side with the boy's shower house located behind them. The boy's shower house has four sinks, four toilets, and four showers. Cabins 6-10 are considered girls side with the girl's shower house behind them. The girl's shower house has four sinks, three toilets, and four showers. 


A heated cabin with eight bedrooms and two bathrooms that can be divided in two to form two separate cabins. Each side has four bedrooms: two bedrooms have two bunks and a cot and two bedrooms have two bunk beds and a cot. Each bathroom has two sinks, two toilets, and two showers.

Craft Hall

A place for you to explore your creativity and artistry.  

Nurses Cabin

A heated cabin with a small sitting area, a bathroom, a medicine room, and three bedrooms. Two bedrooms each have a cot and one room has a double bed. The bathroom has a sink, toilet, and a shower.


Our chapel is spacious and comfortable for any sized group. We can easily fit up to 225 people in our heated and air conditioned space. It has a full sound system, video projector, and other A/V equipment for your group. Bathrooms are located inside to not interrupt your meetings. Wifi is available for presentation purposes.

Wood River Chapel

This restored chapel is a true piece of Northern Wisconsin’s spiritual heritage. Built in the 1870’s and restored recently, this chapel can seat up to 35 people, has a wood burning fireplace, and is a unique place for your meetings to take place.

Conference Room

Our office conference room is perfect for about 12-15 people, especially if you need to meet in a more professional setting. The bathroom facilities are directly across the hall. Wifi is available for presentation purposes.