Why does the Scholarship fund exist?

Because circumstances in any family's life can get in the way of the ability for a child to come to camp. The staff and board of Forest Springs want kids to come to camp even if that means they come at no cost. WHY?
Because the love of Christ experienced at camp is life changing!
What does this mean to you as a parent, guardian, grandparent, or friend?
First, does your child want to come to camp? Then don't let finances get in the way of your child spending time in a loving atmosphere where they can grow in their love for God and people.
Second, register today by calling us at 715-689-2411! Even if you're unsure of where the money will come from. Then when you arrive at camp, pay what you can.
Third, If you struggle with using the scholarship fund because it seems like charity, consider this: The scholarship fund gives you the flexibility to fund your child's camp experience now. Later, as the Lord provides, you can give back to the scholarship fund. But if you can't, thank God for the loving provision from hundreds of other people who want to see your child at camp.
The bottom line is "send your child to camp" and "pay what you can." Trust God with us for the rest!