Men’s Advance

February 3rd-4th, 2017

Cost: $90

                                            Speaker: Randy McPherson                                                                   

                                Randy McPherson is from Wisconsin, where he lives with his wife Susan.  They have four children, all of which act more grown up and mature than their father. Randy is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ.  He believes that we all have a full-time calling on our lives to serve God and help our fellow man.  Full-time service to God is not just for pastors- it is the calling of all of us.

Though Randy has known great business success, nothing excited him more than coming alongside a pastor or ministry to help meet the needs of a very troubled world.  He calls it “partner with a pastor.”  Randy has been on the Board of, and involved in the leadership of two ministries that have gone from nothing to annual budgets of over 10 million dollars and are doing a great work to save the physical and spiritual lives of millions.  Randy is currently involved with 6 different ministries and organizations.

 Music: Kyle Lexen
He resides on a hobby farm outside of Frederic, WI, where he and his wife, Kathy, raised their 5 (now grown) children.  He is a veteran of Wood Lake Bible Camp, having been a staff brat at an early age, a camper, on staff washing dishes, mowing lawn, & cleaning bathrooms during 3 summers while he was in high school; counselor & head counselor for high school camps & retreats, and a camper parent for all 5 of his children.  He has been leading music and worship for the past 40 years at camps, youth groups, churches, and conferences.  Kyle volunteers as a worship leader at Trade Lake Baptist Church, and he works at a treatment and assessment facility serving troubled children and teenagers
A weekend for men of all ages to come together, experience God and the great outdoors, and connect with other men in their walk with Christ.
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