What is a member?

A member is someone committed to a team or organization of people. They are part of the group--they are committed. They view themselves as an equal to the other members, and they serve the other members to the best of their ability. A member works hard to establish whatever the group is trying to do. They voice their opinions respectfully and stand up when something goes against what God says is right. Altogether, a member glorifies God through being a part of a team. They support their team members and love them like Jesus loves.

To be a member of WLBC is to show your support financially, spiritually, and physically. Being a member of camp is really easy and not overly time consuming. It lets the staff and campers know that there are people out there that care about them and are always praying. 

For us to be successful, we need you! Whether it's in prayer, finances, servitude or other means, we need your support. As a member, not only do you show your support for Camp, you become a voice in the path that camp takes.  After two years, members qualify to be board members.

If you feel that God has called you to serve at WLBC, one of the first steps is Membership. This is a declaration of your dedication. Also, as a member, you have a say with a vote at board meetings.

Fill out the membership application today by clicking here.