Summer Staff

During our conference camps, for safety and to better serve our campers, our campus is closed to those who have not had prior approval from the program director.
In order to make sure that our guidelines for accepting staff are met all applications must be turned in two weeks before the date that you wish to serve at camp or your application will not be accepted.
15 year olds:

This is the minimum age to work at camp. Only volunteer positions are available.

16 and older:

Paid positions are available, but not guaranteed.

Work Period:

Our summer season starts with staff training and goes into August. Staff training, is required for most positions and strongly encouraged for all, starts June 5 and goes until June 11. Time off for summer events are not guaranteed but your chances are greater the sooner you request time off.


  1. Program
    1. Program Assistant
    2. Waterfront Director
      1. Lifeguards
    3. Adventure Director
      1. Adventure Assistants
    4. Media/tech team (photo, video, website, social media)
    5. Counselors
  2. Housekeeping
  3. Food Service
    1. Cooks
    2. Dishwashers
  4. Maintenance
  5. Receptionists/office help
  6. Camp Store Clerk


Fund Raising For Salaried Positions

Each paid staff member, upon being hired, will be asked to submit 20 names of friends, family members, and churches who might be interested in supporting them financially. The support that the ministry receives for each staff will be put into an account to help pay for all of the salaried summer staff positions. Your help and involvement in this process is a significant blessing to the overall ministry of WLBC.

How will it work?

Simply go on-line to enter 20 names and addresses of the individuals that you would like to ask and we will do the rest. WE will take care of sending a letter inviting people to partner with you and WLBC for the summer. If you have any questions concerning this process, please contact Joshua Larsen.

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